"A bad day outside is better than a good day inside-any day!"

Byron Shutt - President, Maple Leaf Landscaping Inc.

The award-winning duo of Byron and Julia work closely together on all accounts. The team works hands-on from the conception of the design through to the finishing point of the project. Constant involvement of their team and skilled crew ensure the final result meets the client’s vision. View our Featured Projects to see the results of this teamwork.

I have never seen a garden done by Maple leaf that isn’t perfectly suited to the landscape it serves. Each curve of lovingly laid stone path leads to another “oooh” and “ahhh.” No one else comes close to the creative design and installation as Byron and Julia Shutt who make it seem easy because of their natural love for what they do.

—Nancy Heaton

Julia and Byron Shutt


Byron and Julia Shutt, owners of Maple Leaf Landscaping in Bay Village, Ohio, provide superior landscape design, installation and maintenance for clients, through the artful orchestration of plant material.


Through Maple Leaf Landscaping’s expertise we connect architecture with nature. We work with our clients to build awareness of sustainable methods and organic options which make a difference to our environment. Inspiration through exposure to nature feeds the soul.

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440 871 0584 or send an email to info@maple-leaf-landscaping.com